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Joseph  SMITH, Jr.

Joseph SMITH, Jr.

Male 1805 - 1844  (38 years)


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Photograph of a Daguerreotype believed to be taken of Joseph Smith circa 1843.

This photo is believed to have been taken of a small Daguerrotype of Joseph Smith by his son, and subsequently transmitted to the Library of Congress in about 1879. Minor restoration has taken place, but most experts are of the opinion that the photograph are authentic.

TheDaguerreotype process was developed in 1821, and first made use of by the United States government in about 1926. Commercial public use of this process began about 1829.

Owner/SourceFugate brothers
DateAbout 1879
File nameJS.JPG
File Size157.06k
Dimensions455 x 606
Linked toJoseph SMITH, Jr.

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